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The electrodes and encapsulation group at the IAPP is focusing on research and development in the field of transparent conducting thin-films as electrodes, transparent organic solar cells and encapsulation of organic electronic devices.

We have gained expertise in achieving and integrating highly conductive, transparent polymer electrodes from PEDOT:PSS. In addition, we are working with silver and copper nanowire percolation networks and have achieved similar performances as ITO on glass. Our electrode efforts are complemented with the integration of different TCOs and free standing carbon nanotube membranes. The latter ones can also be employed as transparent top contacts, as evaporated metal thin films, which are investigated as well.

Working on the encapsulation of organic electronics, we first had to achieve a valid measurement platform for ultralow moisture permeation rates. After several iterations and international exchange, our electrical Ca-Test setup is now capable of measuring water vapor transmission rates of state of the art barrier layers, although gaining more knowledge about the Ca-Test and the permeation process remains one of our research aims.
To achieve long device lifetimes, we investigate different encapsulation technologies, based on glass and thin film encapsulation techniques like ALD.

To enhanve substrate functionality, we are also investigating the influence of scattering layers and structires on the efficiency of OLEDs and OPV cells.

We sucessfully collaborate with our partners in Dresden and around the world and thank everyone involved for the good collaboration.

The workgroup was started in october 2009 as part of the Dresdener Innovationszentrum für Energieeffizienz. It is a cooperation between IAPP and Fraunhofer IPMS, funded by the European Union (EFRE), the state Saxony (SAB) and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Fhg).

Sucessively we participate in other projects as well and work in the R2Flex project (BMBF) and project NEOS (ZIM-AIF)

The DIZEeff is also part of the DRESDEN CONCEPT